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We are a registered financial service provider and approved by all the
Short Term Insurance Companies of Namibia.

Specialist Insurance

This type of insurance includes:

  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Contractors Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Guarantees Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Nasria Riot and Strike Special Risks Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Transport Insurance

Agricultural Insurance

Insurance against loss of, or damage to farming assets; legal liabilities associated with farming; and accidental injury to farm employees. Farming Assets are for example:

  • Farm vehicles
  • Irrigation systems
  • Farming equipment
  • Farm buildings

Contractors Insurance

Contractors All Risks insurance (also termed as Contract Works insurance) is an insurance policy specifically designed for builders and a variety of other trades working at a contract site. Contractors All Risks insurance can comprise cover for public and employers liability, own plant, contract works, hired-in plant and employee's tools. The key part of the contractors all risks insurance is the contract works section that offers cover for the value of the materials and property being used on a project.

Directors and Officers Liability

Legal liability to shareholders of a company following negligence or ill-considered decisions resulting in financial loss to shareholders. In view of increasing demands of legislation this insurance has become a vital consideration. Directors and officers of companies have unlimited personal liability and are accountable not just for their own actions but also for those of their fellow directors and officers.


Sureties and Guarantees issued to third parties for the fulfilment of contractual liabilities.

Marine Hull Insurance

Comprehensive insurance on vessels, whether pleasure boats, yachts or larger vessels such as commercial fishing boats.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance cover on goods being imported or goods being exported. There are various ways of insuring these goods depending on the conditions of sale / purchase and type of commodity. The scope of cover varies according to requirements. Goods transported over land in Africa can also be insured under a marine policy.

NASRIA - Riot and Strike

NASRIA, the National Special Risks Insurance Association, is the only insurer in Namibia which provides cover against damage to property and consequential loss caused by, inter alia, riot or civil commotion; strikes, lock outs and labour disturbances; acts to overthrow or influence any State or Government or any local authority with force or by means of fear, terrorism or violence; acts with a political objective or to bring about social or economic change, or in protest against (authority) or for the purpose of inspiring fear in any section of the public. Damage caused by lawful authority in controlling, preventing or suppressing any such act, or any attempt thereat, is also covered.

Professional Indemnity

If you make a mistake or fail to do something when giving advice, that could cause financial loss to another person, then you could be liable. Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you for the legal costs in defending actions brought against you and the costs of the award associated with the action. Many cases are brought against professionals and fail, however the cost of defending these claims is significant and in many cases even if you win you may be unable to recover your costs. Professional Indemnity cover protects you agains such losses.

Transport Insurance

Transport insurance is designed to protect you against financial costs due to loss of cargo.  It is applicable to any cargo whether it is being transported by road, rail, sea, or air.  However, there are several things you need to be aware of in order to get the coverage best suited to your needs.  Kindly ask one of our Brokers to explain all the options available to you with regards to this cover.

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